SAP Center of Excellence
SAP Center of Excellence

Being able to rapidly replicate customer environments meant that we could deliver more than 500 virtual landscapes with an average total size of 100TB and help our customers solve their most challenging scenarios in minutes.
Ralf Lindenlaub, Vice President Cloud Solution Services, SAP Center of Excellence/Value Prototyping


The SAP Center of Excellence (CoE) collaborates with customers and partners around the world to develop working prototypes meeting complex requirements. The CoE was looking for a solution which would enable them to address the challenges of managing various resource silos in their data centers. The solution should meet the following requirements:

  • Rapid and automatic replication of customer environments consisting of multi-tiered multi-system SAP enterprise application landscapes
  • Optimization and automation of the internal documentation and IT administration processes

Solution & Benefits

The CoE implemented eCloudManager to integrate the available enterprise storage systems (NetApp and EMC), hypervisors (VMware, Hyper-V and Xen) and SAP enterprise applications. eCloudManager allows users to interlink project information such as customer data, project coaches, and responsible persons directly with associated technical resources. A workflow-driven ticketing system was also developed and implemented. eCloudManager offers CoE various benefits:

  • Integrated view on running projects
  • Lightweight application detection and monitoring
  • Improvement of daily administration tasks
  • Ensurance of customer SLAs
  • Facilitation of work scheduling, collaboration and cooperation across the border of internal departments