Information Workbench

The Smart Data platform

Information Workbench puts the users in control of what they want to see, and how they want to see their information. As a result, decision support, and hence decisions, become far more agile.

Peter Lawrence, Principal, inova8

Extreme agility from data integration to visualization. That is the Information Workbench difference.

Andreas Eberhart, Managing Director, fluidOps

The fluidOps approach to data management extends our portfolio perfectly and helps us guide our customers more intensively on the path to an optimal IT infrastructure.

Wolfgang Ries, Managing Director, avato consulting ag

We use the technology of fluid Operations to exploit new fields of business at our client sites and design new approaches for business in the German market.

Joachim Weide, Director CIO Consulting Services, Unisys

A leading Smart Data Platform

Your data universe: the most valuable asset of your company

Are you tired of not finding the information that you need? You know you have it somewhere, but just can not access them centrally? The export of data and the merging of databases does not help either? Then it is time to downshift and free your data from the silos.


Use Information Workbench to:

Open up new perspectives with Smart Data

Information Workbench enriches your data universe with intelligence and creates Smart Data. Isolated datasets, without semantic context or links, deliver no information since they are like nerve cells without synapses in the human brain. Information Workbench uses semantic technologies - a graph-based data model which knows the meaning and correlations of data based on an ontology – for the creation of Smart Data. Smart Data monitors current status, investigates underlying causes, and calculates events and trends to achieve the target status through reasoning, knowledge-based decisions and fully automated processes. Information Workbench, a leading Smart Data platform frees you from routine tasks and let’s you always focus on your key business tasks.

Connector - Green comes to data chaos

How to install Information Workbench