The app for hybrid cloud transparency

fluidOps is Rising Star for hybrid cloud management systems in the cloud vendor benchmark 2016.

Experton Group

In a hybrid cloud, our technologies improve visibility on cost and resource development.

Stefan Kraus, Managing Director, fluidOps

fluidOps is an emerging player in a complex, heterogenous cloud management market.

Heiko Henkes, Director Advisor & Cloud Lead, Experton Group

With our solutions, our clients build and operate complex applications in hybrid cloud environments.

Andreas Eberhart, Managing Director, fluidOps

It’s all about the right mix

Unclouded view of the hybrid cloud

The hybrid cloud has many advantages, but is also brings challenges as well. You need a better view of the costs for different cloud service providers. You must know which cloud vendor fulfils your requirements best or when you need to purchase additional public cloud resources. You need to gain an overview of your hybrid cloud environment and keep your costs, capacities and services under control at all times.

Use eHybridCloudAnalyzer to:

Get ready for take off

eHybridCloudAnalyzer is an add-on for eDataCenterAnalyzer, our app for Data Center transparency. This optional module extends our Smart Data based Data Center and Cloud Management to support hybrid cloud environments.

eHybridCloudAnalyzer creates transparency across private, public and hybrid cloud environments. Use it to develop new cloud-based business models or make existing ones more efficient. With the ideal combination of private and public clouds, you create unprecedented agility. You logically use and integrate existing cloud offerings while optimizing cost structures and reducing shadow IT in the process.