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We use the technology of fluid Operations to exploit new fields of business at our client sites and design new approaches for business in the German market.

Joachim Weide, Director CIO Consulting Services, Unisys

With Information Workbench, we have quickly and flexibly set up an innovative Database as a Service business model at Swisscom, enabling customers to implement a dynamic Oracle database service.

Wolfgang Hellwig, Managing Director, NetIT Services

The technologies of fluidOps are extremely flexible and scalable. We have developed an agile data center solution which we use ourselves to integrate the third-party systems of our clients faster.

Kai Welsch, Head of Design & Innovation, Stemmer GmbH

Our partner strategy

You help your clients make faster, more precise decisions and introduce more efficient business models and strategies. Using our technologies and solutions, you support them throughout the digital transformation or model innovative Industry 4.0 and IoT use cases. With Smart Data, you open new perspectives for your clients.

Become a fluidOps Partner for Data Management & IoT

Extend your portfolio with Information Workbench. As a leading vendor for semantic technologies, we provide you and your clients a complete, powerful platform to integrate and implement a smart data application.

Use Information Workbench to: 

  • Leverage the growth potential of Open Data and Linked Data technologies
  • Gear up for many new and heterogeneous data streams
  • Incorporate the 80% of the unstructured data accrued worldwide 
  • Analyze a majority of the 95% of all accrued data automatically
  • Ensure a seamless integration of streaming and Big Data in your IoT applications
  • Analyze sensor data and automatic production sequences
  • Make decisions quickly
  • Boost the efficiency of existing business models
  • Develop new business models
Become a fluidOps Partner for Data Center & Cloud Management

We offer you and your clients innovative technologies for Data Center and Cloud Management. Profit from our experience as a leading vendor for Smart Data-based Cloud Management. Increase productivity and automation levels with eCloudManager. eDataCenterAnalyzer creates the transparency you need.

Use eDataCenterAnalyzer and eCloudManager to:

  • Gain a common view of complex and heterogeneous IT environments
  • Plan your capacities centrally across all data centers and their IT components
  • Create reliable, targeted budgets based on actual requirements
  • Link the costs of real IT usage to existing supplier contacts
  • Reduce shadow IT  
  • Build complex application scenarios for private, public and hybrid cloud environments
  • Manage complex and heterogeneous IT environments
  • Provision and administer central (cloud) services including integrated partner services 
  • Offer complex services through service catalogs and marketplaces

Our partner program

We offer you a multilevel partner program driven by the different business models of both current and potential partners. You profit from tailored solutions and targeted services.

Our clients are searching for innovative solutions that combine specialized technologies with deep knowledge of their industry’s processes. To serve their needs, we are expanding our strategic partnerships with leading consultancies, system integrators and technology companies.

Become a fluidOps partner

Would you like to discuss the details of a possible partnership that delivers win-win benefits? Contact us to find out more. 

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