Rising Star 2016 Experton Cloud Vendor Benchmark

fluidOps Named Rising Star in Cloud Vendor Benchmark 2016

15 December 2016. Walldorf, Germany. – Experton Group AG has named fluid Operations® AG (fluidOps) a Rising Star for hybrid cloud management systems in the category for Technologies & Access Services in the second part of its Cloud Vendor Benchmark 2016. Part 2 of this independent study evaluated companies in the categories “Cloud Platform” and “Technologies & Access Services” in the second half of 2016. Part 1, which was released in the first half of 2016, covered vendors in the categories “Transformation & Operations” and “Cloud Services (aaS)”.

A Rising Star has strong future potential und stands out for its promising portfolio and roadmap that is aligned to leading market trends. “fluidOps is an emerging player in a complex, heterogenous cloud management market with a growing demand for intelligent business applications and lifecycle management,” explains Heiko Henkes, Director Advisor & Cloud Lead, Experton Group.

“We are honored to be named a Rising Star in Cloud Vendor Benchmark 2016 because it confirms our strong positioning in this field,” commented Dr. Andreas Eberhart, Managing Director, fluidOps. “With our cloud solutions, our clients build and operate complex applications in private, public and hybrid cloud environments and offer every service at any time fully automated. In a hybrid cloud, our technologies provide transparent visualizations that go beyond data center and cloud boundaries to reveal the costs for all hybrid cloud resources and improve visibility on cost and resource development.”

The analysts at the Experton Group have identified a total of 15 relevant vendors for Technologies & Access Services in the field of hybrid cloud management systems. This category evaluates technologies to build and operate internal private, managed/hosted and hybrid cloud infrastructures for quota management, billing, orchestration and provisioning as well as to ensure IT provisioning in accordance with modern DevOps structures. The solutions generally support hybrid structures, in particular, the transition to a software-defined data center.

fluidOps is Rising Star 2016 for Hybrid Cloud Management Systems
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