The award-winning and field-tested cloud management app

Flexible, scalable and agile in the cloud

Are you planning a complex cloud project? Are you overwhelmed with the complexity of juggling different software products for deployment, patching, self-service, billing, capacity management? In addition, operations should run smooth and the project should pay off? Enter the next level of IT availability with eCloudManager now:

  • Enable large complex private, public and hybrid cloud scenarios
  • Operate your cloud environment
  • Eliminate point products
  • Deliver any service, any time, fully automated

Next level of IT availability

eCloudManager is the app for agile, flexible and scalable cloud environments. It provides an integrated view on data center resources and business data to close the gap between operations, support and business. eCloudManager is based on Information Workbench, our Smart Data platform.

Acting as the managing part of a cloud offering, eCloudManager shows all to be expected features of an enterprise system such as high availability, latest security standards, automated periodical backup snapshots as well as fast recovery from backup (in less than 15 minutes). All functionality is exposed through API and CLI.