Open Source

FedX - Linked Data in a Federation

FedX allows to easily setup on-demand federations by specifying a list of relevant endpoints (e.g. from the LOD cloud) and to query these federations via SPARQL in a transparent and efficient way. FedX is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL) for use in open source applications. For proprietary, closed source applications, and other commercial applications, we offer alternative license terms upon request.

FedX in action FedX 3.1 Installer FedX - Linked Data in a Federation FedX Slides

fluidOps Enterprise Cloud Ontology

The fluidOps Enterprise Cloud Ontology abstracts from vendor-specific representations, data sources and management APIs to form the basis for integrating all information of a heterogeneous data center into a single, unifying semantic database. The fluidOps Enterprise Cloud Ontology is published under CC0 license.

Documentation Enterprise Cloud Ontology CC0 License

RODI Relational-to-Ontology Mapping Benchmark

RODI is a benchmark suite to measure the quality of mappings between a relational database and an ontology. RODI provides test data (ontologies and relational databases) as well as metrics to test utility of any set of mapping (in R2RML) on those data.

RODI 1.0