SAP Partner / SAP Certified - Integration with NetWeaver

About the partnership

eCloudManager™ from fluid Operations delivers certified integration with SAP® Applications and provides an out-of-the-box solution for infrastructure and cloud monitoring, management and orchestration.

Benefits of the integration are:

  • Semantic integration platform for SAP® cloud and landscape management
  • Application to disk integration and monitoring
  • Automated, self-service consumption of SAP® landscapes
  • Automated workflows for landscape pre-clone, clone and post-clone operations
  • Intuitive end user access
  • Dashboarding and reporting


eCloudManager™ integrates various resources, including but not limited to enterprise storage, compute (physical and virtual), network, application (e.g. SAP® APIs), business resources (such as external CRM , ticketing systems, project and product catalogs, etc.) or installed third party infrastructure management tools.
eCloudManager provides a holistic overview of the complete data center and delivers unique SAP® Cloud and Landscape Management functionalities. This includes the provisioning, administration, monitoring and on-demand consumption of complete multi-tiered multi-system SAP® landscapes as Landscape as a Service (LaaS)™. The results are unprecedented virtualization benefits of system flexibility, automation and unified control. The ability to manage complete SAP® environments not system by system, but rather holistically as the tightly integrated landscapes which they actually are, offers extraordinary productivity improvements for IT departments. New landscapes can be provisioned in minutes and include all types of SAP® Business Suite, Business (ABAP, Java or combined) or legacy applications. Virtual Appliance templates offer ready-to-use systems with zero post-cloning effort, and can be pre-seeded with productive business data for even further agility, while monitoring and administration are simplified to manage SAP® applications throughout their entire lifecycle.