About the partnership

Brocade and fluid Operations completed a technology integration project between Brocade VDX® Ethernet fabric and Brocade Fibre Channel SAN switches and fluidOps eCloudManager.

Customers achieve new levels of operational efficiency by providing complete infrastructure management to enable simple, efficient and flexible virtualization solutions that scale to meet their needs.


In any virtualization or cloud deployment, the network plays a critical role in the delivery and migration of data between virtual machines. Brocade cloud-optimized networking technologies are designed to seamlessly integrate and extend virtual compute resources in multivendor environments to help increase network performance, utilization and resiliency. Tested by EMC for interoperability and featured in EMC’s new VSPEX Labs, a variety of Brocade networking products can be selected for a customer’s EMC VSPEX Proven Infrastructure, including Brocade VDX switches, Brocade ICX® switches and Brocade Fibre Channel SAN switches.