The jury completely agreed in their amazingly positive judgement. The intelligent monitoring and management of cloud resources is a key task in future. Until now, only a few vendors master this challenge.
Heinrich Vaske, Editor-in-Chief COMPUTERWOCHE

Best in Cloud

We are the winner of the Best in Cloud Award 2012 in the category Infrastructure as a Service - Private Cloud. We conviced the jury with our customer projcet Storage and Infrastructure from the Cloud for PfalzKom.

Meta Data Challenge

Conference Explorer wins the 2nd place at the Metadata Challenge in the context of the World Wide Web Conference 2012.

Gartner Cool Vendor

In 2010 Gartner names us Cool Vendor in the SAP Ecosystem for the SAP Virtual Landscape capabilities of our product.


We win the Linked-Data-a-Thon in the context of ISWC 2011 with Conference Explorer.