fluidOps is different than other vendors in the market. Many large corporations rely on our tried-and-tested portfolio.
Dr. Ulrich Walther, Managing Director & Co-Founder

About fluidOps

fluid Operations® AG (fluidOps) is a leader in semantic technologies. Its product portfolio includes the Smart Data platform Information Workbench®, the app for data center transparency eDataCenterAnalyzer™, and the proven cloud management app eCloudManager®. Users implement pioneering business models based on Smart Data and innovative use cases in data centers and IoT environments. The company and its employees have been honored with multiple awards for outstanding innovations. Its clients are renowned companies in the automobile, telecommunications, IT, media, healthcare and life sciences industries as well as public organizations. Founded in 2008, fluid Operations AG is based in Walldorf, Germany, and has 50 employees.


We want to dramatically simplify the processes of using IT and delivering relevant information with the support of our employees and our semantic software offerings.


We want to boost the efficiency of IT, software and data resources to a new level.

fluidOps ABC

flexible, linked, unique, individual, dynamic, open, powerful, smart