fluidOps is different than other vendors in the market. Many large corporations rely on our tried-and-tested portfolio.
Dr. Ulrich Walther, Managing Director & Co-Founder

Green comes to Data Chaos

Discover how the fluidOps superhero Connector frees the data from its constraints at Silo Corporation and transforms the way people work with data. Check out the Connector comic and short movie.

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New Positioning

Information Workbench, the semantic integration platform, is at the heart of the new positioning. It provides the foundation for the two business divisions: Data Management and Data Center/Cloud Management. We offer a range of apps such as eCloudManager to support specific usage scenarios.

Charity Golf Cup

fluidOps was the main sponsor of the fluidOps Cup 2014. We would like to extend our thanks to all participants and helpers for their support. The proceeds, which totaled € 10,730, will be donated to KiO, an organization supporting children in need of organ transplants, the German Children and Youth Hospice in Frankfurt, and two individuals who have had a tragic fate and were recommended by the Frankfurter Sports Press organization (VFS).